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Everything was just perfect and we know very well what credit you deserve. We knew from the very beginning that we could lean back and trust you. In case we needed any service regarding decoration, music or filming or whatever was required, you were always there for us.

We really do appreciate the time you spend with us organising our one and only beautiful and unique day.

Pálma and Patrick

Dear Visitor,

Before digging deep into the “secrets” of this website, let us do some canvassing for our benefit. You are turning to an event organizer – a specialist with a bit of pompousness –, because you trust the professional standards it represents. If you have already visited other websites, it may be apparent that a wedding ceremony or private events do not differ significantly from each other.

However, Gála Privát does not solely focus on the standard solutions that usually underlie the illustrious occasion, but also on special approaches, little amenities that mostly do not depend on money. Our company has been in the front ranks of classic event organization for 18 years now, and therefore is able to offer such a repertoire of ideas that make even private events more luxuriant and generous of experience. If you are reluctant to believe it, just contact us to become ensured.


100 thousand rose-leaves, 6 litres from the tears of emotion, 160 positive and 3 negative answers, 600 metres of silk-satin, 1600 gems, 120 wedding rings, 860 kisses.

Either you need full-scale wedding organization or only a few more tiny details are missing, you can count on us! Lie back, look around on the site and be lost in the details!


More then 60 weddings, 45 farewell parties for brides, respectively for bridegrooms, 35 birthday-parties, 26 wedding days, 75 grill parties.

The Private division of Gála deals with not only wedding organization, as follows do not hesitate to contact us apropos of any other family or private events. We can talk about either a house-opening party, an intimate surprise party with candle-light or a children party.

Look around on our website and dare ask!

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